Nunatop Maps Collections

In this section it is possible to preview every map contained on each one of the 4 collections:

Catalog 50K

Catalog 50K

The whole Nunavik region covered with 640 topographic maps

Scale 1:50.000

Communities Map Series

Map Series

Serie of 15 where the main Nunavik communities are centred on the map

Scale 1:50.000 

Islands Map Series

Map Series

Serie of 8 maps made to hold the whole island or archipelag extensión

Various scales

Murals - large format

large format

Serie of 14 murals 2m hight x 3 m wide, focussed on the main villages of Nunavik

1:75.000 scale

Special Maps

Custom Maps

Nunavik Maps

Maps covering the whole region

Custom Maps Coll.jpg
Custom Maps

Any size, different backgrounds...