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Inuit Place-Names Map Series of Nunavik

Nunatop 50K

1:50.000 Scale Map Series

We present you the final production of a Map series scale 1:50.000, of the Nunavik region.


640 Maps containing the Inuit Place-Names over a detailed topographic base cartography.


Or use this interactive maps to search the area of your interest.

(this map is just an index, it doesn't show the same information that you will find in the Nunatop Maps)


Zoom in to the area of interest with the  "+"  button on the upper left corner, then click on the map you want to know the CODE:




Here you can PREVIEW  AND PURCHASE maps from this collection with credit card or PayPal, 

or you can go to the Order Form page to get a quote and directions for bank account deposit.

Search by Code or Name

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