Inuit Place-Names Map Series of Nunavik

Communities Map Series

This is a collection of 15 topographic maps, exactly the same information you find in the Nunatop 50K Collection but each Community has been centred on the map.

There are two collections:

Comunities 50K: this is a small map size 24" x 29" (61 x 74 cm), easy to handle  outdoors and the scale 1:50.000 alows to see the topographic details very clearly.

Comunities 100K: this is a large map,  size 36" x 44" (92 x 112 cm), more suitable for hanging on a wall but the scale 1:100.000 covers a big extension of land around the community.

Communities Collection

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Communities 50K

24"  x  29"  (61 x 74 cm)

Communities 100K

36"  x  44"   (92 x 112 cm)