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The Nunatop Project

The Nunatop Project was launched in 1981 to provide a tool that would enable land users to keep alive Inuit place names through the publication and distribution of place name maps and a gazetteer of Nunavik and offshore islands place names.


This ambitious project, relaunched in 2012 in collaboration with Makivik Corporation, and in 2014 in partnership with Air Inuit, was achieved through the collection of information, interviews, and validation of data with Elders and hunters.


Long-term work on the project continued this years to improve the database (corrections of place names and improving readability of place names on the maps, etc.)


Some maps were commissioned, especially by Quaqtaq’s landholding corporation. We also produced and installed two large-format Nunavik maps: one at Ullivik, the Module du Nord du Québec’s new accommodation center, and the other at the Nunavik Sivunitsavut premises.

Finally, along 2019, with the collaboration of the GIS Expert,  Marta Benito, the final collection of maps has been completed and released via this website.


The Technical Report explaining the details of this process from the cartographic and spatial database management point of view, is available to download here.

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