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Nunatop maps on your phone

The full Nunatop 50K Collection of maps, including Commmunities 50K is also available as a digital file to be used offline on your phone or tablet with the AVENZA Maps App for mobile devices.

Avenza Maps is: offline maps, GPS location and a digital map store.

Use maps on your mobile devices and locate yourself without the Internet or network connections. Stay safe and aware of where you are, even in the remotest of places using the Avenza Maps app.

Take Avenza Maps hunting, hiking, fishing, camping and anywhere you need a map outdoors.


Offline location helps you stay on track, on the trail, and out of restricted areas.


Avenza Maps is a free full GPS App, you just need creat an account to have access to the Map Store. 

On the Map Store there are Nunatop Maps and also other maps uploaded by other isntitutions, some maps a free and some maps ar for sale.

The Nunatop Maps can be purchased as individual map or as a Bundle.

A Bundle is a group of maps on the same area for half of the prices of the indvidual maps:


There are 719 Nunatop Maps available, visit our Vendor website to access a preview image and an full description of every map.

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